Sol y Luna Necklace

Sol y Luna Necklace


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Geometric necklace inspired by the beauty of the Sun and the Moon.
Sol y Luna: a collection that shines of love.

· Made with hand-painted wood and gold-plated brass.
· Lightweight and unique necklace.
· Lovingly handcrafted in my Barcelona Studio.
>> SOL Y LUNA Collection

In stock

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An eternal love is the one between the Sun and the Moon.
A complicated love story lived at a distance. The Sun illuminates the day, the Moon the night.
When the lovers meet, the brilliance of their ecstasy is so immense that the human eyes can’t watch the eclipse.
SOL Y LUNA a collection that shines of love

Take care of your Pithy, it deserves the kindness you give to all your precious things.
Here you can find some little (but valuable!) advice:

  1. Take it off gently from its packaging.
  2. Avoid direct contact with water, creams and perfumes.
  3. If it gets dirty, you can clean it gently with a soft cloth slightly humid.
  4. At home and during your travels, please keep your Pithy in its packaging, in a safe and dry place.
  5. It is best not to sleep, shower or exercise whilst wearing your jewelry.
  6. If you have any doubt or question you can contact me at and I will be happy to help!

Additional information

Chain Length

22 cm each side with a 6 cm extender.
Gold-plated brass chain.

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